Building World NetWork closing at 24 October

Hello fellow BWN’ers,

It has come to mine and ricktops attention that the server is just not as active as it used to be. At first we were planning to continue with our plans from our latest announcement, However we concluded that is the best to close the server since we do not have the time to bring the server up to spec and we have far to much going on in real life to be able to dedicate the time that is needed.

So we are going to be closing the server on the 24th of October, to be able to give everybody some final moments on the server and give everyone the chance to obtain a schematic / world of there builds and creations.

So if you like a schematic or world of your creative, skyblock and Survival build then please contact me or you can make a ticket and please make sure to tell us which game mode and your IGN.

BWN has had a rough start , we had to change the host and then we decided to switch from BWN being a premium server into a cracked server. I can say that I have had some good times from it and also that I do not have any regrets along the way. But still I want to thank everyone for their support and happy moments on the server.


Makemp1997 and the staff
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